What is True love?

What is love and where can we find love! Love is a type of chemical reaction, so you can never say why it happens and you can never try to stop it on your own. Love must have existed long before the developed language of man. People always want to find a definitive answer about what love is, so they ask each other and themselves.

What is love?

However, there is no person who can define what love is. Everyone has their own understanding of love, and a person’s understanding of love can vary over time. Love is a general feeling of deep care that does not change. Although the way of expressing it can change. I don’t think we can force ourselves to love or not love someone. We have the ability to love many people.

For example, you can love your children, parents, friends and ex-husband. On the contrary, as it is specific and variable. Have you noticed that there are things you used to love in a person but not now, or vice versa? You can experience both love and experience because they are different emotions. It is important to be able to tell someone: I love you and I don’t like what you are doing (be specific).

This is especially important for children so that when they are angry they don’t have false ideas. They need a clear message that you love them (they can feel pretty then), and you don’t like their behavior (then explain why). Also, tell your children or anyone else: If you love me, you……., It’s not love.

Relationships & a love world

It is a way of trying to manipulate or control them due to their fears or concerns. I have come to know that we all want to love and love. That is, we all have the desire to care deeply and care for others. True love is unconditional. No matter what you or someone else says or does, express your love and then face a specific behavior of disgust. What the world needs so much now is love.

Which is the opposite of fear. Accept the differences between you and others. Take the time to love yourself and others unconditionally, spread deep care: this is the key to love relationships and a love world. When we are in love, some features are visible. Selfless behavior shows that you are not only thinking about yourself.

But also understand the need of your colleagues. You will be concerned about the growth of your partner’s life and, if you feel important, you can be more supportive and understanding. You will feel sorry and feel that no person is perfect in life. Your love grows when you are able to concentrate on someone’s good things.

You will see the positive and negative sides of someone, but you will love them no matter what. When your partner does the little that bothers you, it will be easy to look beyond him. You will realize that it is not worth getting angry and causing a scene. Love allows anger, but in a controlled way. Love is about being able to commit.

Affectionate with your partner

If emotional pain occurs, you are allowed to tell your partner when they have done wrong. Love is about showing and showing affection and intimacy to another person. You will have a romantic desire towards your partner, not a lustful desire. With a romantic desire to be intimate and affectionate with your partner, an emotional bond will grow between you two. It will be an extra strong time and will bring them closer.

Love is based on mutual interest, care, trust and respect. You will want to engage with your partner in any kind of situation, such as when infidelity can be a temptation or even when they face negative comments from others about their partner. Your commitment will allow you to be loyal and sincere with your partner, and be ready for it at all costs.

It is important to realize that love is about expectations, not expectations. You don’t have to buy something good for your partner every day, but you can often do good things for him. Something as simple as a romantic dinner at home. Massage them with burning candles around the room.

The desire to give will make you feel very good about yourself and, most importantly, it will make your partner feel great. A relationship grows successfully when both partners commit to behave with love, continuously and unconditionally. Not only say “I love you”, but also show.

Challenges in your life

We experience love as a feeling and express it as a verb. What ultimately keeps our love and happiness in life is the energy we get from within. There is a deep energy well in us that is very strong in some people but very weak in others. Without that energy well, you may find it difficult to face many problems and challenges in your life.

You can get discouraged or hurt yourself very easily and discover that you no longer feel the same about your loved one as you initially felt. The first impulse of your love can fade and your happiness can diminish. Many things can increase the negative feelings in us and we may think that the person we love “is no longer the same as before” or “no longer cares about us.”

You may begin to feel that everything is useless and cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel. Something went wrong and you don’t know what it is. The problem you face is that you never found the wells inside you, but incorrectly imagined that it would come with another person. You were happy for some time, but why didn’t you do it?

Those feelings of love and happiness did not come from the other person! You thought, in fact, they came from you! It’s true. They came from within you! Once that person begins to look normal and bored, the emotion around you. For starters, you no longer feel the great feelings of love that really came from within. You decided to close them.

Love & happiness

Instead, you covered them again and felt that everyone was aware of the darkness. True happiness comes from a heart so full of genuine love that nothing outside can really affect it in a lasting way. There are rare people who have practiced many Techniques and teachings and have learned to overcome their fears and negative feelings to discover a good amount of energy within them, which is the true place that brings love and happiness.

If you feel desperate or need an answer, then look into that well and learn to face your fears and challenges every day, so over time, you will overcome many problems you face and face each one. Each of us in life. Life is a long road with many challenges and winners learn to lift their heads and move forward even in the most difficult times.

Love and happiness are what makes this world worthwhile, so keep your hands on us and learn to be the person in charge of your destiny. We are really the ones in charge and we can make this an award-winning movie that everyone will pay to see! Two people who really love each other can fall in love.

True love is so precious

Because of their desire and passion to be together or be close to each other. It is a difficult feeling to find love. There are some things that feel like love, but they are too external to be real. True love takes time and there is no night. Love is never logical or easy. People fall in love for many reasons. Opponents can draw, and while it may seem unusual to the outside world, it can be completely enveloped and alien.

When you find love, you can do everything possible and possible. It seems that there is a deep emptiness within us that even a hundred lovers could not fill, however, there is an expectation. Your dreams can come true. True love is so precious and valuable that it is said: True love is not something that comes every day, follow your heart, know the correct answer.

True love can take time to grow, or it can develop at the first meeting of the couple. When 2 hearts come together for the first time, many magical things can happen. There are stories of sparks face to face, this is when you look at someone in a room and walk away with enthusiasm, and this can also become true love.

There are two types of sparks, one that takes off with a hitch like a match, but burns quickly. The second is the type that takes time, but when the flame crashes … it is eternal, do not forget that at first sight both people will eventually have to talk to each other. If you think something is not a spark, then it probably makes no sense.

Most couples who have spent a significant amount of time building their relationship between them eventually fall in love. This is the natural development of your bond. But it is also an uncertain stage that is often difficult to detect. Millions of people asked themselves.

Do I love my partner?

Some are confused by what that means. Others misunderstand harmful feelings (for example, jealousy and passion) as love. It is often easy to define love as something that is not. Many people mistakenly think that some of the feelings they feel represent love. For example, it is generally thought that lust indicates more than this.

A couple can be so emotional towards the other that physical or emotional abuse occurs in the relationship. No example shows love. When you love someone, the feeling transcends the physical. You feel connected to the other person in such a way that you do not feel with others. The level of physical and emotional commitment to another person is higher and when love is transformed into intimacy.

The desire with which you expose yourself to your dwarf companions is something you experience in all other relationships. While love can encompass a myriad of qualities, mutual trust is one of the most important. And it only depends on whether your partner has not cheated physically. In this context, it means that you believe in your partner.

You are sure that he will not betray you physically or emotionally. As your love increases, so does your trust. Finally, this trust reaches the point where you can’t even imagine cheating on your partner. Intimacy worries many couples. But, it is important to understand what true intimacy is. And it is equally important to realize that the problems around you are not necessary for love.

For many couples, lack of physical intimacy can be a problem. Although they love and trust each other. Problems related to emotional intimacy are often more serious. For example, an emotional disconnection may be a warning sign that love is wandering. Lack of communication can also represent deeper problems.

How do you know when you’re in love?

Unfortunately, it is often difficult to know because it involves two people so deeply at different physical and emotional levels. That said, there are signs. For example, if your partner is late, your initial reaction may be a concern for your safety. When you’re away, you’ll miss them a lot.

Also, small things can remind you of your partner. A true manifestation of love is in the level of commitment, trust, physical and emotional intimacy and the mutual attachment that you enjoy with your partner. It is a confluence of many factors and no factor in itself represents love. Some claim that loving your partner is more than just emotion.

It is, in fact, a choice you make and this option helps maintain the relationship at a time when any of the above factors fails. Finally, falling in love is about enjoying your partner on a level that no other person can expect to experience. It’s about being sensitive, but reliable. It’s about sharing physically and emotionally, knowing that the commitment will recover. Falling in love with your partner is a natural progression for a lifetime.

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