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God is the greatest gift given to mankind. It is a quality of God. God is the embodiment of love. What is love: If we have love for others in our hearts.

Whether black or white, our world will be a quieter place to live. love is the greatest gift that God gives to humanity. It is a quality of God. God is the embodiment of love.

The Gospel captures the core of love when it says: “Love does not harm one’s neighbor” When he gives love to mankind, God reduces his specialty a little or less.


God loved humanity deeply, and died for sinful humans. When we have the love of God, our life changes and we will never be the same.

Is love physical attraction or money: We hear people in our American culture who killed their wives or husbands; Who killed his children and relatives.

Who killed their parents: and many of these people will claim that they love the people they have killed. In our culture of slim women, beautiful women, beautiful athletic men.

Who show confidence. It is easy to think that these things are love. The love between a man and a woman, which the Greeks called Eros, and one for the members of our families.

The Daria and the AGPs that are often used in the Christian congregation, the Scripture says. This is a bad thing for the neighbor does not.

God LoveSince God is love, only He can teach us to love. When we accept the Lord as Savior, his love flows to our hearts. You have changed: those who really know the Lord as Savior.

The Holy Spirit dissipates hatred and prejudice, and we see and see the way God sees them; Not in reference to blacks or whites.

But to the beautiful people that God created. You want to love and help people regardless of their color or nationality. Can you imagine what a powerful and peaceful world it would be if everyone loved each other so much?

Again and again, God tells us:
  • love kills all things
  • love forgives
  • listen to everything
  • Do not be jealous

The Scriptures tell us that love is beyond knowledge, faith and hope. The greatest God gives us love because he does not do evil or evil to his neighbor.

Love is the perfection of the law. Everything else will disappear and disappear, but love will always last. When you love someone, there is something powerful and fantastic.

It is a small part of the love of God that you love.

Let’s try to imbue this beautiful quality of God that makes us more capable like Jesus: loving, forgiving and kind; Without grazing bearings. The love that wants to kill, envy and hurt someone else is not love.

He is evil, not of the devil, but of God. When celebrating Valentine’s Day, let’s consider the true and genuine meaning of love. Really try to attract people with your physical beauty. But the quality of the character in them.

Look beyond the charm or physical attraction of your material and know them before declaring your love. When you really love someone, your life changes and you will never be there again.

What you want is for your sake. Even our family members or friends, when we love them, we want nothing more than their prosperity and blessings. Try to understand and assimilate the qualities of love. Only the Lord Jesus can do this for you.

Approach him and understand the nature of love.

Is love in a world full of division and hate today? If humans love each other, whether of color or race, white or black, then this world will be full of peace.

Love is the most powerful fruit of the Holy Spirit given to humanity. You cannot separate love from God. God is the embodiment of love. Either filio-love among family members, or love of god agape for his children, or erotic love-love between a man and a woman.

All these forms of love originated from God. It was love that brought God to earth in the likeness of his son Jesus Christ, and died for us on the cross.

The writing says: “Because God loved the world so much that he gave it to his only beggar son, who believes in him must not perish, but has eternal life.”

Jesus told his disciples: If you love each other, then everyone knows that you are my disciples. Jesus says that the greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart and as your neighbor.

Love will last forever, it will never fail. Failures will be proven. The tongue will close and knowledge will disappear, but love will end forever. It is not bad to love your neighbor.

Love is the perfection of the law. When we glimpse the love of God through the knowledge of Jesus Christ. The transforming power of humanity and the love for God and our neighbor is little opened.

It takes us to an area of joy and peace that we had never imagined in our lives before. Even when you really love a man or a woman, you experience a deep love, which will do anything for the other person.

Even forgive them when they have hurt you. Just as God’s love forgives you. When you make love, you are part of God’s divine nature and you will never be there again.

That is why God continues to extend his hand of mercy, grace and great mercy to pity us to know him: and experience this great love of God that deepens the way we love others.


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