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The most beautiful places in the world, from remote islands to colorful mountain ranges

Beautiful places in the world

Giant glaciers, stunning mountains, plains full of wild animals: we certainly live in a big and beautiful world. In fact, when looking at the most beautiful places in the world, it seems impossible to say where to go next. While it can take a long time to identify all of Mother Nature's greatest works, we think these 51 out-of-this-world landscapes and incredible wonders - from Arizona to Antarctica - need to top your travel list. Whether you are looking for beaches, forests, or national parks, you are sure to find a new favorite on this list. Which one will you visit first?

Eurasian horses

Venezuela abounds in natural wonders, including the world’s tallest waterfall: the 3,212-foot Angel Falls, located in the UNESCO-protected Canaima National Park. Canaima is by far the most popular attraction in the country, and the waterfall is 19 times higher than Niagara Falls. Bonus: The animators at Pixar used the site as inspiration for Up in Paradise Falls — so you know it’s cool.

Antarctica is right, we have
put an entire continent here

Although 99 percent of Antarctica is covered in ice, the landscape is still surprisingly diverse—surreal blue glaciers, active volcanoes, the rugged waterways of the Drake Passage, and 360-degree views of pristine ice. These views are even better when an emperor penguin or a humpback whale appears.

Antelope Valley, Arizona

Antelope Canyon is a canyon opening (and dangerous to my Instagram darling) in the American Southwest. The name Navajo translates to "the place where the water flows from the rocks" - a reference to the formation of the valley through erosion. The narrow, undulating spaces between the rock formations allow vivid patterns as sunlight streams through the striped stone.

Bamboo Grove, Japan

Every traveler should experience the ethereal radiance and seemingly endless heights of this bamboo grove on the outskirts of Kyoto. The experience extends beyond the visual field: in 1996, the Japanese Ministry of Environment listed the sounds here—the rustling of wood—as one of the 100 best soundscapes.

Atacama Desert, Chile

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the moon? The trip to Valle de la Luna in Chile's Atacama Desert is a very short one. Years of erosion have left behind jagged peaks, dry river banks, and landscapes surprisingly resembling our favorite orb. Image may contain: tree, plant, tree stump, landscape, outdoor, nature, cross.

Baobab Madagascar

Separated from the African continent by 250 miles of water, Madagascar is home to some of the greatest adventures to add to your list. Island-state secrets include giant moths, insect-eyed lemurs, and places like Surreal Avenue on the baobab, where centuries-old trees reach heights of nearly 100 feet (Baobab Madagascar).

Azores, Portugal

Azores, Portugal, about 900 miles off the coast of Lisbon, this Portuguese archipelago can inspire you to walk in the same way. Lush valleys, steep seaside cliffs, rows of blue hydrangeas, and a scattering of waterfalls make the Azores a paradise worth visiting - just make sure to visit it before anyone you know.

Banff Park, Canada

One of the most beautiful places in Canada, Banff National Park is filled with scenery of the Canadian Rockies and a regular collection of wildlife. The park is also known for its abundance of beautiful lakes, including Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, and Minnewanka glacier lake - each more pristine than the last.

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Eurasian horses a million years ago!
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